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repeople Zug

21 November 2024
SHED.Club Zug
9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Our exclusive forum is coming to Zug

Following nine exceptionally well-attended editions in Ticino and the first two successful Monaco et Suisse Investment Forum events, we’ve decided to take our format to a new destination: Zug.

In exclusive setting of the SHED.Club Zug, we will welcome participants on November 21st, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Having recognized the opportunities to make contacts, establish invaluable connections and create synergy with numerous real estate professionals, various local bodies and institutions have embraced our initiative.

repeople Zug will be an amazing chance to expand and develop networks, present plans and engage in discussions that can help to grow businesses. To foster communication and interaction, the entire event will be held in English.

Don’t miss the latest addition to our increasingly packed schedule of events.

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Business Pass

Valid on November 21

From 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Free entrance

Entrance for investors, investment funds, architects, engineers, intermediaries, or promoters who want to take the opportunity to engage with other industry professionals and expand your network.

Private Pass

Valid on November 21

From 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Free entrance

Entrance for people interested in getting in touch with Real Estate professionals and companies and learn about the latest news related to the Real Estate world.


  • November 21

9:00 am

Event opening

9:45 am

Event start

1:40 - 2:00 pm

Topic-based conference

Why your mortgage deserves more than a platform

Speaker: Luca Randolfi, CEO Feyn AG

2:40 – 3:00 pm

Topic-based conference

IFZA Dubai: a business friendly free zone with an international ecosystem

Speakers: Nicola Zanni and Berna Aydemir

3:40 - 4:00 pm

Topic-based conference

Microfinance investments and a unique business model to support developing countries and generate returns

Speaker: Dr. Johannes Feist, CEO di Mikro Kapital Management S.A.

4:40 - 5:00 pm

Topic-based conference

Time is money: the future of luxury watches investment

Speakers: Paolo Catalano, Co-Founder & CEO, Elephants Sagl and  Gianvito Grasso, Co-Founder & CTO Elephants Sagl

7:00 pm

End of event





Our Sponsors 2023

Berto Suisse SA

Founded in Meda in 1974 by the brothers Fioravante and Carlo Berto as a craft workshop specialising in contract manufacturing, today BertO is a contemporary design company Made in Meda.
Directed by Filippo Berto and recognised internationally as a case study in digital technology, BertO is one of the Italian companies chosen by Google as a model for digitising SMEs and promoting Italian-made products.
BertO designs and produces designer furniture for living and sleeping areas, in collaboration with Castello Lagravinese Studio and with the contribution of BertO’s Research and Development team.

feyn AG

Every real estate is different – every mortgage need is different - strictly no standardized solution should be allowed. feyn analyses exactly the individual project setup and aim.

feyn filters, evaluates, negotiates, and advises in advance, to find the perfect match for the client and to keep the satisfaction rate highest possible. Thanks to feyn’s broad network, clients benefit from the best conditions and professional support – even after conclusion of a mortgage contract.

feyn considers personal relationships more important than digital platforms. Mortgages are assets - take care of them accordingly.

IFZA Dubai

IFZA is an internationally oriented Free Zone in Dubai that focuses on a wide spectrum of business activities.Together with our global network of Professional Partners, we support entrepreneurs and investors to incorporate their business in Dubai and, in the process, contribute further to the development of its business- friendly environment.
IFZA stands for customer orientation, competence and flexibility.
Strategically placed in one of the most dynamic business and commercial hubs in the world, IFZA offers a variety of flexible business set-up solutions and real estate products for our clients worldwide.
IFZA was founded in 2017 and continues to prove itself as one of the most successful entities in the Free Zone industry. IFZA is located in Dubai Digital Park.

Kessel Auto Zug

Founded in the early 70s and with more than one hundred professionals, Kessel is internationally known as a leader in automotive and motorsports.

Kessel is divided into four divisions: Classic, Auto, Racing and Service. Four souls with a common passion: Ferrari. 

The company is spread over two locations, Zug and Lugano, in order to provide a more efficient service to its customers and vehicles. In parallel, the Classic department carries out restorations at the highest level by specialized technicians, while the Racing team accompanies Kessel drivers in the most important competitions worldwide.

Mikro Kapital Management S.A.

MIKRO KAPITAL (2008) is a leading investor in microfinance and sustainable development in emerging countries in the EMEA and APAC regions, operating through Luxembourg-based securitization funds: MIKRO FUND and ALTERNATIVE.

These offer investment opportunities to professional investors through the issuance of debt securities and invest in a portfolio of companies and MFIs (Microcredit Financial Institutions) that provide various financial services to SMEs.

MIKRO KAPITAL is a member of, among others, the European Microfinance Network, a signatory of OPIM, and a partner of EBRD and GIIN.

NZ Investments

NZ Investments is a trading and advisory firm under FINSA law based in the Canton of Zug.

NZ Investments is a boutique specializing in the creation and trading of alternative investment vehicles. We also provide offshore business services such as bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets, brokerage account set up and company formation.

NZ Investments is regulated by Reg-Fix, a Swiss registry of advisors operated by PolyReg, General Self-Regulatory Organization. NZ Investments is also a member of Finos, a Swiss Ombudsman service for financial providers.

We strongly believe in freedom as a value. We want to offer freedom to small and micro businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Freedom is first and foremost a personal matter, as well as a financial one.


Main Partners


Exhibitor details


BioEvolution, a Spinelli Holding company, is a unique Ticino company that supports its partners and customers with the approach of disseminating, informing and proposing solutions and products that are aimed at improving the well-being of people and environments.


Blu Bridge

Blue Bridge has been present on the European market for more than 30 years. The primary focus is on the realization of services/products to support business companies. Operational areas: Commercial area Marketing Software development Information systems Financial and administrative Credit management Human resources and public relations Trading and finance From project management support of business change projects to the realization of IT disolutions from scratch, up to personnel training. The software products released, are solutions made with the most modern and innovative technologies.


Cattani Falegnameria SA

Founded in 1952, Cattani Falegnameria is a constantly growing business. 
In the Bironico headquarters, completely renovated on the occasion of its 70th anniversary, 16 employees specialise in the production of doors, windows and furnishing accessories.
The entire production chain takes place at the factory, which has been equipped with the latest generation of professional machinery over the years.
Together with the use of precious woods, Cattani is the only company in Ticino (and one of the few in Switzerland) to produce aluminium profiles in-house, with a high added value in terms of non-standard production.
Thanks to its experience and expertise, Cattani has acquired important commissions not only within Ticino, but throughout Switzerland, and its name is synonymous with quality and competence.
Wood, in our opinion, is an element capable of creating quality of life and our work consists precisely in giving it a form and beauty capable of nourishing the soul. When someone chooses a Cattani product, they are not only taking home a product of excellence, but also a piece of that love and passion that we put into our work.


Ennio Ferrari

Seven decades of experience have given Ennio Ferrari SA a leading position in the Ticino building sector, while remaining a family-run business. Thanks to constant developments and innovations, we have specialised
in building construction as a general contractor. We are able to build properties of all kinds, developing projects in keeping with
a broad range of requirements while always ensuring your budget is respected.
Our building services:
• General contractor
• Residential and commercial building
• Industrial building
• Restoration and renovation


Elephants is a global investment platform that enables users to diversify their portfolios by buying shares of iconic out-of-production timepieces. We aim to democratize the €79 billion luxury watches secondary market by fractionalising real-world, out-of-production, and highly collectible timepieces. Demand has exploded in recent years. However, due to their non-divisibility and high cost of entry, this asset class remains in the hands of less than 1% of the population, despite having excellent portfolio diversification and profitability indicators.


Gruppo Benzi

Since 1958 Gruppo Benzi is focused on real estate promotion for commercial or residential use. Is specialized in unconventional buildings with high profitability, attracting investors.
Professionalism, reliability, innovation: yesterday, today and in the future.
Present in CH, FR, IT.



Hausart was established with the purpose of helping real estate sales and administration agencies in developing their services and managing their products. It wants to become a reference point for all companies that need a single point of contact for real estate planning and development, through an experienced and professional team.



Kindof stimulates architectural design by using industrial materials in a new way. By freeing the reinforced steel bar from concrete, we can explore its potential strength, flexibility, and aesthetics. The process involves cold work techniques and skilled shaping by a "master bender." The resulting kindof forms are simple, sustainable, functional, and versatile. Our designs are corrosion and pollution-resistant, requiring no maintenance or cleaning. We have successfully prototyped over 80 models. The kindof oasis is a meeting place with circular shapes and customizable functionality. The kindof room is an opportunity to be discovered.



Quokka 360 is a company specialized in short-term rentals, caring about details of each home to give best experiences our guests.
We provide a complete service to the owners and qualities stays to our guests who rent for holiday, study or work. Operating in Ticino and Grisons. From 2024 agencies in EU.


Speedy Green

SpeedyGreen SAGL from Lugano is a young, visionary and innovative company in the green panorama. Our role in the projects goes from supplier, consultant and partner. The passion for plants has led us to discover and become the international actors in the field of green walls preserved and alive. Luxury, elegance and style are the result of new technology and unique materials for the production of green preserved. Concept Green Wall is the way of conceiving and creating the vertical green wall, focusing on the well-being of the plant, ecological respect, thermal insulation and low water consumption.


Spinelli Holding

Spinelli Holding is a company that was born from the strength of each individual company that composes it and whose objective is to create a strong group of family-run companies, which can face an increasingly globalized market that also aims to expand abroad.


Strolz Real Estate Consulting

Strolz Real Estate Consulting successfully leads your real estate projects to their goal, from financing to the construction. 
As a total service provider, we offer everything from a single source: Project management, owner representation, overall project management and the property analysis. 
Our clients value our proven real estate expertise in the Swiss market. Together, we design living environments that meet the needs of a networked, sustainable and mobile society. Founded in 2014 but with real estate experience from several generations.



Ticicom SA, a Spinelli Holding company, is a Swiss company that supports its customers in the approach to new emerging infrastructural and digital technologies. We imagine a future capable of improving people's lifestyles and work, improving the use of time and our habits. Ticicom accompanies companies through IT technologies and tools, actively collaborating in a path aimed at improving business and needs. Not only services and products but a new way to approach work, customers and the environment. Using our expertise, our acquired know-how and the latest technological tools, we help Clients integrate innovative Cyber Security technology and improve their own team's knowledge aiming to prevent and combat both existing and future malicious cyber activities.


Ventisei Swiss 

We offer a recharge management service for electric cars. Our product range is fully customizable according to technical requirements. We cooperate with private individuals, public agencies and installers. Our charging columns are made and assembled in Switzerland.

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